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10 Reasons to Choose Concrete Masonry


  1. DURABILITY Masonry’s higher durability means less repairs, plus the color and brilliance of masonry won’t fade, rust or discolor from the weather–eliminating painting and maintenance.
  2. LOCALLY MANUFACTURED Concrete masonry units are manufactured locally and ready for delivery in a short period.
  3. VERSATILE & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE Pre-finished masonry units such as split face, colored, glazed, and units with integral water repellent, provide additional benefits of safety through environmental health because they emit no Volatile Organic Compounds into the air.
  4. PEST RESISTANT Concrete masonry units are impervious to mold and pests, reducing the need for harmful chemical treatments down the road.
  5. SAVINGS ON INITIAL AND LIFE-CYCLE COSTS With concrete masonry, you can build and finish with one unit and one laying operation. The variety of finishes, textures and colors eliminates the need for additional wall coverings.
  6. FIRE RESISTANCE Masonry won’t burn. Concrete masonry fire walls and fire separation walls may be designed to maintain structural integrity for over four hours of exposure. Concrete masonry is also used to protect the structural integrity of the home and the occupants.
  7. STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY Masonry can be used with all roofing systems, has excellent load bearing capacity, and resists the forces of heavy snows and wind shears. The cavities in concrete block easily accommodate vertical steel reinforcement.
  8. LOW INSURANCE RATES Masonry construction provides better protection from break-ins, fires and severe weather conditions. This helps to keep insurance rates lower than with other types of construction material.
  9. BETTER INSULATED The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls insulate against outside temperatures for constant temperatures inside therefore reducing heating and cooling costs. There is an array of insulation options for high R values in cavity walls.
  10. REDUCED SOUND TRANSMISSION Unwanted noise is a major distraction in any environment. Because of its mass and rigidity, concrete masonry is especially effective in reducing the transmission of unwanted noise and sound from room to room and unit to unit.

BETTER RESALE VALUE Masonry homes look great and maintain their beauty longer than buildings made of other construction material and provide more building for the money.

Resource: National Concrete Masonry Association – www.ncma.org