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Be Brick Smart if You Choose a Brick Home Exterior

When you’re looking to make home improvements, it’s important to balance reliability, cost-effectiveness and attractive design. Whether you are remodeling an existing home or working with a builder on a new home, if you choose brick, make sure you know what to expect. Better Business Bureau and the Brick Industry Association recommend the following tips […]

Brick Cleaning Methods

Clean bricks with oxygen bleach. Brick is a common building material used for anything from a home exterior to an interior fireplace surround. Brick can even be found as a flooring option in many homes and businesses, and no matter where the brick is found, it requires cleaning on occasion. Several methods can be used to […]

Brick Offers Growing Options for Sustainable Homes

Green Benefits Help Homeowners Save through Durability, Low-to-No Maintenance The latest options in clay brick offer increasingly green benefits for more sustainable homes that can help homeowners save on major household costs. From abundant natural resources and manufactured with virtually no waste, brick helps lower energy costs and upkeep through a maintenance-free exterior that offers […]

Energy Value: Block vs. Wood

Today’s consumer is looking for total value in their home and a big part of the value package is an energy-efficient home. More information than ever is sought by consumers to understand how to build a more energy-efficient home, and to understand how to evaluate the efficiency of various building material options. Until recently, R-Value […]

Designing with Brick

Imagine the world’s biggest box of crayons and you still won’t come close to picturing all the different styles and colors of brick available to you in the U.S.   That’s because there are over 10,000! Resource: http://www.gobricksoutheast.com/PickaBrick/types.html

Does Brick Size Matter?

Architectural romantics might suppose that the size of brick selected doesn’t matter, but I don’t believe it when it comes to the cost of construction. Your masonry costs are not determined just by “brick”, but by the size, shape and style of the brick you choose for your building or renovation and the labor involved […]

Masonry and Impact Resistance

One of a building’s most basic functions is to protect its inhabitants and contents, and masonry does it well. Since masonry materials like brick, concrete block and stone are strong and durable, masonry structures tend to provide more protection against the elements, accidental damage or attack. -An Easy Choice for Hardworking Buildings The ability to […]

History of Masonry

The Egyptian Pyramids, the Colosseum in Rome, India’s Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China – some of the world’s most significant architectural achievements have been built with masonry. Through civilization, architects and builders have chosen masonry for its beauty, versatility, and durability. Masonry is resistant to fire, earthquakes, and sound. Artistic and durable, masonry […]

Cold Weather Masonry

Q: What are the minimum temperatures in which one can lay brick masonry? A: With proper protection, masonry can be installed in virtually any weather condition, but there are a couple of key things to remember. First, codes, specifications and standards provide for protection of the masonry and the masons. The Masonry Standards Joint Committee […]

Masonry and Sound Control

With urban density increasing, living spaces growing smaller, and entertainment media expanding fast, acoustic privacy is a precious commodity. The ability to relax in a quiet space (or to blast the surround sound without disturbing neighbors) has become a valuable selling point in today’s residential market. Sound transmission loss between interior spaces is measured in […]