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Latest News

Beyond Brick and Mortar

Why You Should Choose Brick Exteriors Instead of Siding for Your Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29EbqtZto0E&list=PLBE3141DA88201AC1&index=1 Resource: Brick Industry Association – www.gobrick.com

Why Choose Natural Stone?

Natural stone is held in high regard as a premier building material because it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur. Variations in natural stone’s broad range of color, pattern, and texture are visually interesting and impossible to replicate. And, because it comes from the earth, from eco-friendly compositions, it is a natural choice. Variety The […]

Paving, Patios & Garden Spaces

Introduction: A Natural Beauty   Regardless of the size or complexity of a building project, it all begins in the same place — on a plot of earth. Just like the background music in a film, the grounds surrounding a building should complement the structure without overpowering it. Outdoor spaces reflect the personality of those […]

Fire Safety with Masonry

Of all possible construction systems, masonry offers the utmost protection against fire. Masonry materials—brick, concrete block, stone, mortar, grout and tile—don’t burn, and therefore don’t contribute fuel to a fire. Masonry maintains its structural integrity at high temperatures, and heat transfers slowly through its mass. Depending on its configuration, a masonry wall can remain intact […]

Forget the Carpet, Upgrade your Brick!

An owner is willing to spend many dollars per square foot for interior carpeting and floor furnishings which may only serve the client 10 years. But when it comes to the decision of what exterior facade the owner will be living with for the life of the structure, the same care used in the selection […]

Surprising Facts about Masonry Pricing

1. Thin bricks cost more than standard bricks. Use thin brick only when the weight of the wall is an issue (dormers, interior fireplaces, chimneys). 2. Seventy percent of masonry cost goes to labor. Thirty percent goes to material. If you are trying to save money, devise a straight-forward installation rather than giving up material […]

Masonry Features

Masonry’s adaptability to design forms, richness in texture, its modern adaptation for structural requirements, minimum maintenance, and cost competitiveness with other materials make it the preferred material for today’s buildings. The innovative features of masonry will help meet and exceed your needs of function and aesthetics. Specifically, here are some of the features that using […]

Home Is The One Place

HOME IS THE ONE PLACE… where you can get to truly express who you are to the world. Somebody else designed your car and clothes. But with brick, you get to be the designer. With its creative palette, you can be sure to capture the personality and character you want in your home. You can […]