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Maintaining a Water Feature

To keep outdoor water features as lovely as possible, it’s important to regularly maintain them. The extent of upkeep will depend on the type of water feature you have, but here are some general tips to incorporate in your maintenance plan:

  • Skim leaves weekly. If leaves and other debris build up, the water can turn brown, and toxic gases that harm fish may be released into the water. Trimming plants regularly can also keep debris to a minimum.
  • Remove any algae with a bristle brush. To combat algae buildup, regulate nutrients and light; for example, scavengers can help control pond waste, and floating plants can limit sunlight. Additives can also be used—barley is a natural deterrent to algae, and EPA-registered algaecides are also available.
  • Ensure that equipment like pumps and filters are free of clogs and operating properly.
  • Test the water weekly, especially if you have fish, as excessive amounts of chemicals like ammonia and chlorine can wreak havoc on them.
  • Perform a deep clean every spring and fall, and carefully check your water feature for wear and tear, like potential leaks, that may need to be addressed. Winterize your feature appropriately before cold weather arrives.

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