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Latest News

The Many Uses of Paver Stones

Interlocking paver stones made of molded high-density concrete have been popular in Europe since World War II. Increasingly, homeowners in the US are using them to imbue driveways, walkways, patios, and other outdoor structures with an old-world sumptuousness that plain, poured concrete doesn’t provide. Manufactured in a spectrum of colors and an assortment of shapes, […]

Noise Control with Concrete Masonry

Unwanted noise can be a major distraction, whether in the home or the work environment. Concrete masonry walls are often used for their ability to isolate and dissipate noise. Concrete masonry is an excellent noise control material in two ways. First, masonry walls effectively block sound transmission over a wide range of frequencies. Secondly, concrete […]

Sustainable Concrete Masonry: Building Green

Concrete masonry homes operate in perfect harmony with their environment. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of these environmental issues. Of the consumers surveyed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), over 50 percent want to buy an environmentally friendly home and over 33 percent are very willing to pay more for that feature. This […]

Water Management

Do you have standing water or muddy places in your lawn or yard? A slope on your project that is directing rain water toward a home or building, or maybe a parking lot or driveway with standing water every time it rains? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you have a water management […]

How Can Masonry Construction Beautify Your Home’s Exterior?

Looking to make your home stand out? Adding durable stone elements to the exterior of your home—such as patios, outdoor fireplaces, and more—can create a visually striking and stately impression. Stonework is the craft of masons, and they’re versed in a wide array of materials, from bricks and natural stone to concrete and manufactured stone […]

Manufacturing of Brick – Tech Note 9

INTRODUCTION The fundamentals of brick manufacturing have not changed over time. However, technological advancements have made contemporary brick plants substantially more efficient and have improved the overall quality of the products. A more complete knowledge of raw materials and their properties, better control of firing, improved kiln designs and more advanced mechanization have all contributed […]

Brick Selection – Tech Note 9B

GENERAL Brick selection is based on a number of factors. Not only are aesthetics and durability important, but strength, absorption, availability and cost are important to the owner, designers and contractors. The selection process can be difficult since each group is trying to satisfy different requirements. Typically, the final selection is based on a compromise […]

Maintaining a Water Feature

To keep outdoor water features as lovely as possible, it’s important to regularly maintain them. The extent of upkeep will depend on the type of water feature you have, but here are some general tips to incorporate in your maintenance plan: Skim leaves weekly. If leaves and other debris build up, the water can turn […]

Outdoor Water Feature Design and Maintenance Tips

Outdoor water features can work wonders on the mind—there’s nothing quite like the soothing power of lightly rippling waters. Since there are so many different types of water features available, almost every home’s landscape can tastefully incorporate one. Adding a water feature can be as simple as building a do-it-yourself fountain or as involved as […]

New Rooms…Outside!

Landscape architects and designers are giving homeowners new rooms outside for relaxing and entertaining. One of the most popular spaces is the outdoor custom kitchen. A concrete masonry outdoor kitchen is a wonderful way to add living space to a residence. It can be as simple as the additional of a fireplace with grill or […]