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Latest News

New NAHB Study Shows National Consumers Prefer Brick

Survey Details Home Buyer Preferences Assuming Additional Costs RESTON, Va., March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Taking a deep dive into current home buyer preferences, a new study shows that consumers prefer genuine clay brick exteriors on a national scale. Scoring highest nationally among all ages, races, income levels and household types, brick ranked number one […]

Benefits of Your Next Stone Masonry Project

Whether you are renovating a chimney or fireplace or tackling a brand-new construction project, consider choosing stone masonry as your next building material. Due to its many historical and modern uses, stone masonry is a timeless choice that not only makes a design statement but also offers several practical benefits to homeowners. Beauty Used to […]

Top 5 Masonry Attributes – #1

FIRST COST / LIFE CYCLE COST Masonry is “first cost” competitive. One-third of building costs are spent on Day1; two-thirds are spent maintaining the building. Masonry’s durability can substantially reduce maintenance cost over the life cycle of the structure. Resource: Masonry Institute of St. Louis – www.masonrystl.org    

Top 5 Masonry Attributes – #2

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Masonry materials are natural materials harvested locally. Substantial potential for LEED points. The thermal capabilities of masonry can result in lower energy costs. Masonry materials do not require paint or coatings that may otherwise introduce VOC’s. Masonry can be easily detailed to address moisture intrusion and movement issues. Resource: Masonry Institute of St. […]

Top 5 Masonry Attributes – #3

COMMUNITY SAFETY Masonry is fire and mold resistant. Masonry materials offer blast and ballistic protection. Masonry construction can easily be designed for wind and seismic events. Masonry partitions provide impact and sound resistance. Resource: Masonry Institute of St. Louis – www.masonrystl.org

Top 5 Masonry Attributes – #4

COMMUNITY CHARACTER Masonry materials express the value a community places on a project’s beauty and permanence. Modern masonry materials are consistent with the architectural history of the St. Louis area. Using masonry materials and installation means more local jobs and economic impact. Resource: Masonry Institute of St. Louis – www.masonrystl.org

Top 5 Masonry Attributes – #5

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY Rich design palette of colors, textures, shapes and sizes Variety of bonding patterns and architectural relief details Architectural expression from the conservative traditional to cutting-edge modern Design changes easily accommodated Resource: Masonry Institute of St. Louis – www.masonrystl.org

Why Masonry?

Why Masonry? To answer this question, we must ask you, in the spirit of renowned architect Louis Kahn, “What do you want your building to be?” If you desire a new or renovated structure that will bring lasting beauty, solid economic savings, and an enhancement to your company’s reputation and standing in the community, then […]

Sustainable Design

It’s world-wide and history-long. Natural & abundant. It’s amazingly recyclable, with an incredible life cycle. Low-maintenance. Environmentally responsible. With proven durability. Near zero waste. Truly green. Brick. It’s the basic building material we can all live with. Again and again. It’s a material you’ve long known, specified and used successfully. You know its design flexibility, […]

Green Building, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability

BIA Builder Notes Issue 5 These words have made their way into the minds and voices of home builders and home owners. And for good reason. Those who choose to construct a home according to green building principles are reducing the long-term impact of their home on the environment and their wallet while increasing their […]